Visiting the best places in Paris

9 May 2017 - Europe Tour
Visiting the best places in Paris

Whether you are in the city for a whirlwind weekend tour, or whether you plan to spend a couple of weeks really immersing yourself in Paris, there are some places that you quite simply need to visit.

What are the best places in Paris to visit?

Paris is home to some fantastic galleries, including the Louvre and the Orangerie. Visit the resplendent Palace of Versailles to get to see some of the most magnificent architecture that you have ever seen in your life. Wander through the Tuilleries, gorgeous gardens that are wonderful at any time of year. Explore the food and stalls in the Latin Quarter and the amazing things to eat drink and do in Les Halles. Scale the hill in Montmartre to see the wonderful Sacre Coeur cathedral and enjoy the view of the whole city from above. Head down to the ports, such as Cligancourt, to experience the flea markets, too.

Getting around Paris is so simple

Getting to all of these top sights in Paris is so easy if you travel the way that the locals do – using the metro. Open throughout the day and late into the night, the Paris Metro will take you all through the city. There is a metro station right next to the Louvre, for example. It is also possible to take a taxi, though this costs more than taking public transport, of course. Many of the key attractions in Paris are within walking distance of each other, too. A wonderful way to get to know any city is on foot, so why not grab yourself a map and go walking through the streets of the most romantic city on earth? Want to go even further afield? Take the efficient national train service, which can be found at its hub in the Gare de Nord.

Now you know what the best places in Paris are and how to get to them

Galleries, bars and gardens galore await you when you pay a visit to Paris. And, there are plenty of transport options for getting around the city.