Top 10 Unusual Hotels From All Around The World

16 August 2018 - Europe Tour
Top 10 Unusual Hotels From All Around The World

France is well known for its unique collection of beautiful, stylish, and romantic hotels. But it also boasts a few unique and unusual hotels the likes of which you won’t see anywhere else in the world. For instance, only in France could you spend the night in a treehouse hotel, in a transparent bubble, or camped out in the air!

Check out 5 of the most unusual, crazy-cool places to stay in France:

1. Treehouse Hotel

This treetop hangout is located among the sturdy trees in the Loire Valley just two hours away from Paris. The treehouse hotel rooms are 7 meters off the ground and can accommodate up to six people. A delicious breakfast is served at the resort (to those who make it through the night up the tree) in a fun way – it’s delivered to you in a basket at the end of a rope that you have to pull up into the tree!

photo shooting paris

photo shooting paris

2. Sleep in an Enormous Bubble

If you yearn to be outside in the wild looking at an unmarred view of the sky, but without the bothersome insects worrying you, then this bubble hotel could be a great choice to stay at. It’s built in the stunning Japanese tatami style and located very close to Marseille in the south of France. This is the ideal place for a romantic getaway and a bit of stargazing.

3. Sleep in a Plane Cockpit

La Ferme Aventure, located in Lorraine, eastern France definitely deserves a spot on our list of 10 of the most unusual hotels in the world. It’s a hotel that was created by decking out a Caravelle plane with beautiful, comfortable bedrooms. So if you fancy staying in a cockpit, this is the hotel for you.

4. Camp Out in the Air

If you dream about sleeping while dangling from a tree branch, then this is one unusual hotel that you absolutely must check out. With sleeping tents that hang on the trees about four meters off the ground, the A un Fil located in Northwest Brittany is one that thrill seekers from all over the world can appreciate.

5. Sleep on a Power Station Tower

If you are searching for the coolest accommodation in Nantes, western France, the Villa Cheminee is well worth considering. It’s not actually a real power station tower, but a replica of the ones nearby. Designed by artist Tatzu Nishi, this hotel is 16 square meters and sits 15 meters up in the air.

Unusual Hotels – Elsewhere in the World

6. Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Florida

This is yet another quirky hotel that is worth checking out if you’re scouting for unusual lodgings to stay in. Originally, this was a research lab that is fully underwater at the bottom of Emerald Lagoon but now has been transformed into an underwater hotel that can only be reached via a 6-meter scuba dive.

7. Kokopelli’s Cave Bed & Breakfast in New Mexico

Although a cave might sound like quite a questionable place to spend your night, this is not some mere hole in the ground but a stunning, carpeted, and fully furnished room 21 meters under the ground.

8. Arctic Circle Snow Cabins

This one of a kind lodging is located deep within the Arctic Circle in snowbound Saariselka, Northern Finland. The surprisingly warm cabins are made from ice and have glass roofs so you can have an unspoiled view of the sky.

9. Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort in Italy

This is a four-star boutique cave hotel that offers visitors the opportunity to stay in exactly the same dwellings that their ancestors from 9,000 years ago lived in. All the rooms are fashioned from old workshops and Sassi stables.

10. The Balancing Barn in England

Last, but not least on our list of unusual hotels, we have this amazing lodging built by Living Architecture. The Balancing Barn is located in Suffolk and sleeps eight people comfortably. It also offers stunning views of the nature reserve on which it’s precariously perched.